Digi XBee Intelligent Edge Controller

June 21, 2022
The Digi XBee Intelligent Edge Controller provides powerful asset monitoring and control.

Extending industrial monitoring use cases to more remote asset classes is the Digi XBee Intelligent Edge Controller (IEC). It provides a deployment-ready upgrade to existing industrial sensors with the latest innovations in wireless and cloud technologies. It is compatible with 90% of existing industrial sensors and controls, providing SCADA systems with an IoT alternative.


When combined with Digi X-ON cloud, it can help companies monitor sensors or remote-control assets over Long-Range, Low-Power Wide Area Networks. Industrial devices can be monitored with sub-second latency with alarms and data wirelessly delivered through the Digi X-ON cloud.


Digi XBee IEC not only provides a faster time-to-market for IIoT OEMs and enterprises, it is also a value-added tool set for systems integrators and Value Added Resellers to address complex IIoT deployments.

  • Low-Power Wide-Area Network - LPWAN
  • 80x local intelligent edge rules and unlimited cloud-based rules
  • Cloud-based configuration
  • On-demand cloud polling and configuration for any Modbus register
  • Device portal
  • Intelligent edge processing
  • Sub-second local monitoring and alarms
  • Mobile provisioning app
  • Digi X-ON cloud platform for easy management
  • Typical range up to 10 mi. (15 km)