The DST400 Industrial Thermocouple thermometer features a rugged and reliable construction. The vibration resistant DST400 is compatible with five different thermocouple types: K, J, T, E or S—making the DST400 usable anywhere from -40 to 3,200°F (-40 to 1,760°C). 


The DST400 allows you to perform your own temperature calibrations, prevent unauthorized system changes, and modify the meter sample/display rate to maximize responsiveness or battery life.  


Available with rigid, remote, or all-angle probes, send your system back to Wahl for your annual NIST calibration. Cold Junction Compensation means the DST400 is capable of system accuracy as high as ±0.5°F (0.3°C). The NEMA-4X Stainless steel housing is suited for indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Set Thermocouple Type: Programs meter for use with J, K, T, E or S type thermocouples. One meter - 5 options!
  • Meter Calibration: Calibrates mV measurements of the meter.
  • Cold Junction Compensation Calibration: Calibrates CJC sensor for increased accuracy.
  • Set Sample/Display Rate: Optimizes sample rate to match your processor speed and maximize battery life.
  • Tamper Resistance: DSTCAL software is required for all temperature adjustments, providing added security.