Jaw Type, High RPM Shaft Coupling

April 22, 2015
Miki Pulley is introducing its unique Jaw Type, High RPM coupling for direct sale to OEM’s in North America. This ALS-SGN model handles speeds to 22,000 RPM. Designed for use in the main spindle shaft on CNC machining centers, the Miki Pulley ALS-SGN coupling features unique taper-lock hubs. This hub design ensures concentricity and rotational balance during high speed operation. The ALS-SGN coupling’s high torque elastomer center element absorbs resonance and mitigates conductive heat while providing over 22,000 Nm/rad torsional stiffness. The coupling’s aerodynamic profile decreases noise while optimizing performance at high speeds. Another important feature of the Miki Pulley ALS-SGN coupling is its ease of installation design. Taper-lock hubs slip easily onto the two connecting shafts and the coupling is locked into position with recessed tightening screws.
  • Maximum RPM: 22,000
  • Maximum transmittable torque: 597 ft-lbs )
  • Ambient operating temperature:  -40 F - 248 F