Self-Clinching Captive Panel Screws - PennEngineering

March 12, 2015

PEM® Types PFC2™ and PFS2™ self-clinching captive panel screws provide secure and permanent attachment for thin-metal assemblies, enable subsequent access to an assembly whenever necessary, and eliminate typical issues and risks associated with the handling, installing, and potential loosening of screws in service.  The fasteners can be actuated easily by tool or hand.

These spring-loaded stainless steel (Type PFC2) and steel (Type PFS2) captive panel screws offer ideal solutions to securely attach aluminum or steel sheets as thin as .060” / 1.53mm and exhibiting appropriate hardness to effect clinching.  They are available in multiple screw lengths and in thread sizes #4-40 through ¼-20 and M3 through M6.  In addition, both types can be supplied with a DuraBlack™ finish, whether for cosmetic or other purposes.

The fasteners install quickly and reliably by squeezing them into properly sized holes using a PEMSERTER® press or other standard equipment to develop sufficient force.  The force enables the shoulder of the fastener’s retainer to contact with the sheet material and the fastener then clinches permanently into place to become an integral part of an assembly.

  • secure and permanent attachment
  • enable subsequent access to an assembly
  • install quickly