Connected Fasteners Enable Unique Identification

March 5, 2020
Hilti's traceable fasteners allow users to rapidly identify installed fasteners and verify installation quality.

Documenting every anchor, screw, and bolt installed by hand can be time consuming and inefficient. Tracefast technology provides specifiers and contractors with an easy-to-use, more productive solution.


A data matrix code (DMC) makes every fastener uniquely identifiable and traceable. The DMC unveils a unique ID that contains all relevant information: instructions for use, approvals, technical data. The 25 digit ID even contains the batch and item number so the fastener can be traced back to its manufacturing origin.


Simply use the Hilti Connect App, scan the code with your smartphone, and view installed fastener details. This ability to rapidly identify the fastener gives you an efficient way to document the installation quality, get access to specific information or simply verify the installation. Tracefast leverages IoT and provides a new level of control and digital access to relevant setting instructions, training and inspection documents, and certifications.