Robotic Vision System Reduces Cycle Time

July 30, 2015

The CV2 Vision Systems provide tremendous processing power to help reduce cycle times and increase throughput. Also, as an integrated part of our EPSON RC+ development environment, the system helps to tremendously reduce overall development time for vision guidance applications.

The powerful CPU and vision processing runs parallel with the Epson RC90 or RC700 Controllers, allowing for maximum throughput.  With the tight integration to Epson RC+, the CV2 Vision Systems are easily programmed via the RC+ Development Environment. A point and click interface reduces development time from weeks to hours so no time is wasted solving your next robot guidance application.

  • Up to 8 times faster than CV1 version
  • Equipped with high flex cables (Ethernet or USB)
  • Can be mounted to the robot arm or mounted to a fixture
  • Up to 6 cameras (4 GigE AND 2 USB 2.0) can be connected to 1 CV2 system
  • 640x480 resolution camera (GigE or USB) 2 Megapixel and 5 Megapixel available
  • Color cameras are also available up to 5 Megapixels in resolution