IMTS 2016: Diamond Chip Breaker Type 3D-active “Outshines” Laser-Manufactured Chip Breakers

June 21, 2016
Since the first patent application for the laser-manufactured chip breaker type CO (Patent EP 1023961) in January 1999, LACH DIAMOND succeeded in another quantum leap innovation. This sensational invention shows solutions for all aluminum machining – aluminum wrought alloys and copper alloys - as well as during use of MQL – which would not be possible with traditional laser-manufactured PCD chip breakers. An example are chip breaker models, only recently described as state-of-the-art, which create chip breaking from feed rates only above 1.0 mm. The new invention of the diamond chip breaker type 3D-active appears to be an all-rounder with, so to speak, titanic powers. During fine finishing, type 3D-active will reliably generate chip breaking – even with a feed of 0.1 mm (!) – and is therefore ideal as active chip breaker for machining thin-walled or unstable components. Roughing with a feed of up to 5 mm – depending on the size of the diamond cutting edge. There will be no heat development, even at maximal use, due to the special construction. Recommended cutting speeds are 800 – 2500 m/min with feeds of 0.05 - 0.3 mm/R. The new developed diamond chip breaker Type 3D-active has been applied for patent.

Booth: W-2108

  • Roughing Feed: up to 5 mm

  • Cutting Speeds: 800-2,500 m/min

  • Feeds: 0.05-0.3mm/R