EASTEC 2023 Product Preview

May 15, 2023
A few of the newest and tried-and-true machining solutions that will be displayed on the show floor in Massachusetts.

EASTEC 2023 (May 16-18), an SME event for small to medium-sized manufacturers, will feature a lineup of some of manufacturing’s most insightful minds and innovative leaders sharing their knowledge of how to successfully transform traditional plant operations into digitally driven factories and highly trained workforces of the future.

Three keynote speakers will offer thought-leadership panel discussions:

  • Michael Carroll, VP of Innovation and Transformation with Georgia-Pacific, is the EASTEC leadoff keynote speaker. In his remarks, “The Three Domains of Automation and How They Affect Your Transformation Journey,” he will address how digital transformation is an immersive process through which a company can operate and survive into the future.
  • Craig Owens, Systems Engineer, Principal, Corporate SBIR Program Manager, Lockheed Martin, keynotes day two discussing, “How Lockheed Martin Engages with Small Businesses to Create Successful Partnerships.” He will present opportunities that are optimized for all stakeholders.
  • Dipl.-Ing. Knudt Flor, Distinguished Professor of Industry Practice, College of Charleston, and Rick Oppedisano, CEO of Delta Bravo Artificial Intelligence, will present on day three, “Industry 4.0: A CEO’s Perspective vs. Reality.” This address does just what its title says—it compares the management-driven strategy and expectations of Machine Learning and AI with the cold, hard reality of implementing these strategies on the plant floor.

Panel Discussions Focus on Technology, Data Strategies

Four panel discussions include, “How Not to Fail in Your Digital Transformation Journey,” “Pathway to Technology Adoption,” “Manufacturing Industry and Economic Outlook,” and “Benchmark: Data Is All the Rage, But What Is Actually Getting Done?”

Digital Solutions Showcase

This year, EASTEC and MSC will present a Digital Solution Showcase to expose attendees to the latest technological innovations designed to improve year-over-year profitability. Designed to help SMMs close the digital tech gap and improve the productivity of both their workforce and equipment, the showcase includes digital solutions such as predictive milling, in-situ monitoring, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and an all-in-one solution that uses machining dynamics to stabilize and optimize milling performance.