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Adjustable Length Liquid Level Gages

Feb. 10, 2014
Oil-Rite Corporation has designed nylon liquid level gages with adjustable centerlines to accommodate centerline distances up to 1/4” longer or shorter than the specified measurement...
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Oil Distributing System

Feb. 1, 2013
Hydracision distributes oil to many separate points – as few as 12 and as many as hundreds.  It combines efficient hydraulic movement of fluid with the precision of positive...
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Adhesives & Fastening

Spray Nozzle Withstands High Temperatures

April 6, 2010
Oil-Rite Corporation has designed a spray nozzle that can be positioned within close proximity to machinery operating at high temperatures. The co-axial tubing delivers both fluid...
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Lubrication System for CNC Machinery

March 4, 2009
Oil-Rite Corporation has designed a compact and efficient lubrication system specifically suited to CNC machinery. Utilizing only essential components, the system is economical...
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“Maximum Liquid Visibility With ‘Broad View’ Level Gage”

March 31, 2007
Oil-Rite Corporation has re-designed its broad view level gage in response to a growing demand. The new design reduced the number of unique components and achieved a 15% price...