Spray Nozzle Withstands High Temperatures

April 6, 2010
Oil-Rite Corporation has designed a spray nozzle that can be positioned within close proximity to machinery operating at high temperatures.  The co-axial tubing delivers both fluid and air to the target area while keeping the dispensing mechanism itself at a safe distance from the heat source.It is an effective and inexpensive tool for dispensing lubricant or industrial fluids on ovens, molding equipment, welding operations, heat sealing equipment, and other applications where heat is a factor.The nozzle works in conjunction with the PurgeX® positive displacement pump. PurgeX® is powered by standard shop air (40 – 120 psi) that is cycled on and off.  A piston within the pump forces the fluid out when the air is on.  The piston retracts when the air is off.   This action creates a suction which draws a precise amount of fluid into the internal chamber in preparation for the next cycle.The unique construction of the PurgeX® pump creates an adjustable spray without the use of multiple lines and an air regulator.   Fluid flows out the pump through the 1/8” OD tube.  A ¼” OD tube surrounds the smaller tube and serves as a conduit for air.  Fluid and air are mixed at the tip of a compact nozzle which is less than 3/8” in diameter.  The amount of air delivered to the nozzle is adjustable with a hand wheel on the pump, providing a range of coarse to fine spray in a circular pattern.  The amount of fluid is also adjustable from 0 to .007 ounces per cycle.The tubing is copper, which has inherently high heat resistant properties.  It is flexible enough to be shaped to the contours of the application and rigid enough to remain in position with minimal fastening.  The copper tubing outlet comes in lengths of 3 to 48 inches, allowing the pump to remain at a safe operating distance from the heat source.PurgeX® is a compact, simple-to-use, and economical dispensing device.  It is also known for extraordinary accuracy and reliability in industrial settings.  Positive displacement ensures that volumetric output is extremely consistent.  Reliability is demonstrated by the 360,000,000 cycles achieved in laboratory tests without appreciable wear.PurgeX®  is used to dispense oil, grease, dyes, weld spatter fluid, solvents, and other fluids.  It is integrated into machinery as a lubrication system.  It is also used in automated assembly processes.