“Maximum Liquid Visibility With ‘Broad View’ Level Gage”

March 31, 2007
Oil-Rite Corporation has re-designed its broad view level gage in response to a growing demand. The new design reduced the number of unique components and achieved a 15% price reduction. Liquid level gages are used across a wide variety of industries to provide visible verification of fluid level in a holding tank, hydraulic reservoir, or re-circulating tank. The broad view level gage offers a distinct advantage in the amount of area in which the liquid is visible. The nylon viewing area is 1 ¾ inches across in lengths ranging from 3 to 36 inches. The gage is mounted flush to the tank and allows unobstructed view from the three visible surfaces. It is the preferred gage for monitoring liquid levels from a distance, in dark or confined spaces, or with clear/colorless fluids. The gage is mounted to a tank with two hollow bolts that allow fluid to enter the nylon viewing area. The upper and lower entry points of the tank equalize atmospheric conditions within the internal chambers of the gage, ensuring that the level of the liquid in the gage is at the exact height of the liquid in the tank. The broad view gage features red line tape for increased visibility. High and low marks are indicated within the viewing area. The efficient design of the gage utilizes equivalent top and bottom components. Interchangeable bolts allow the gage to be built with shut-off valves (for removal of the gage without emptying the tank) or a dial thermometer to monitor fluid temperature. The gage can be secured from the front (outside) with standard ½” X 20 bolts or from the back (inside) using a nut to tighten the gage and create a seal between the gage end blocks and the surface of the tank. Oil-Rite Corporation has manufactured lubrication equipment since 1933. In addition to liquid level gages, Oil-Rite produces reservoirs, drip oilers, sight feed valves, flow sights, flow control valves, and circulating oil systems. The PurgeX® positive displacement pump is patented by Oil-Rite. PurgeX® uses compressed air or a small motor to dispense precise, small amounts of lubrication.