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Pressure Sensitive Ceramic Tape

June 17, 2020
Ultra-Temp 390PS pressure-sensitive, ceramic tape wraps around pipes and equipment for thermal and electrical insulation to 2,300ºF. The thermally efficient ceramic tape has excellent...
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Adhesives & Fastening

High-Temperature Adhesive

Oct. 16, 2014
Specially formulated Resbond™ S5H13 has excellent high temperature resistance to corrosion, all common chemicals, thermal shock and electricity. It’s the ideal epoxy for bonding...
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High Temperature Materials Instructional Handbook

Sept. 16, 2014
Cotronics’ 16-page instructional handbook includes easy-to-follow guidelines for high temperature solutions that will satisfy the most difficult electrical, structural and industrial...
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Adhesives & Fastening

Fast-Setting Adhesives

July 29, 2014
Resbond™ 940 Customizable Series are economical, fast-setting ceramic adhesives designed to solve all high temperature bonding, sealing or encapsulating applications with continuous...
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Thermal Insulation Ceramic Blankets

Aug. 9, 2012
Cotronics’ 370R REACH compliant ceramic blankets are made from alkaline earth silicate wool and were specifically designed for use in applications that require highly efficient...
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Adhesives & Fastening

Durabond™ High Temperature, Metallic Adhesives and Putties Forms Strong Bonds for Use to 2000ºF

Jan. 21, 2010
Durabond™ offers high temperature bond strength and stability, excellent adhesion, machinability, and thermal shock resistance. Durabond™ unique adhesives...
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Adhesives & Fastening

Low Cost, Nickel Filled Conductive Electrical Adhesive up to 500ºF

May 21, 2009
Duralco 122 nickel filled adhesive and casting epoxy is specially formulated to provide a low-cost, economical alternative to silver filled, electrically conductive epoxies. Duralco...
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Facility Operations

Thermeez 397PS Is A Thermally Insulating Woven Ceramic Sticky Tape

March 6, 2009
A highly efficient, high temperature, thermally insulating, woven ceramic tape backed with high temperature, pressure sensitive adhesive that’s easy to align and simple to apply...
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Adhesives & Fastening

2100ºF No Drip Gel Thread-Lockers and Pipe Sealants Applied with Accuracy - Cotronics Corporation

Dec. 24, 2008
Just dispense and apply Resbond 907TSG Thread-Locker Gel for high temperature thermally stable, electrically insulating and chemically resistant seals up to 2100ºF.  Ideal...