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Test Equipment

Digital Concrete Test Hammer

June 14, 2019
Proceq delivers the most advanced R-value concrete test hammer.
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Controls & Instrumentation

GPR Technology Improves Road Pavement Quality for Maine DOT

April 12, 2019
Helps ensure optimum pavement density throughout the pavement layer.
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Machine Tools & Metalworking

Ceramic Grade for Gray Cast Iron

April 11, 2018
Walter's ceramic inserts feature a negative chamfer for longer tool life and stable dimple clamping.
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Materials & Chemicals

Optics Withstand Space

April 11, 2018
Meller Optics' custom fabricated sapphire optics can withstand temperature extremes and fast moving particles.
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Electric Tools

M18 FUEL Cordless Mud Mixer

Aug. 4, 2017
Milwaukee Tool's cordless mud mixer can mix up to 15, 5-gallon buckets on one battery charge.
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INTRAGUARD Penetrating Concrete Sealing Compound

Sept. 9, 2014
INTRAGUARD is a water-based, penetrating concrete sealing compound for exterior concrete surfaces that is specifically designed to limit the intrusion of moisture and chlorides...
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KALCRET Hard Compound

June 20, 2013
KALCRET hard compound provides cement-bonded wear protection for system components and pipes. KALCRET features a reduced mixing time of approximately 5 minutes, is easier...
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Thermal Insulation Ceramic Blankets

Aug. 9, 2012
Cotronics’ 370R REACH compliant ceramic blankets are made from alkaline earth silicate wool and were specifically designed for use in applications that require highly efficient...
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Monolithic Fiber Modules

July 19, 2012
Morgan Thermal Ceramics announces the availability of its exclusive Pyro-Bloc® modules, ideally suited for furnace and boiler lining applications, that reduce the risks of hot...