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A Guide to Eliminating Hidden Wastes in Your Factory

Oct. 26, 2023
Learn how productivity can be improved by implementing lean manufacturing principles that eliminate waste while improving productivity in unexpected places.

Finding Hidden Motion and Inventory Waste

A study has shed light on the surprising fact that machine operators are interrupted in their work several times per day to fetch or dispose of wipers. This is the type of small disturbance that can easily be overlooked but results in significant motion and inventory waste.

44% of machine operators are interrupted at least 20 times during a workday to walk and fetch or dispose of wipers.

3 Tips to Prevent Interruptions at Work

Tip 1: Study Operator Motion Relating to Process Cleaning

Investigate how your operators physically move and how frequently they need to access wiper products. Wasted motion is caused by operators having to leave their workstations and walk a distance to fetch new wipers. It can be difficult to get a clear picture of the full scale of operator movement. Using a spaghetti diagram can help identify movement that doesn’t add value to the production process.

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