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The Hassle of Li-ion Batteries for Miniature Applications

Jan. 9, 2020
Lithium-ion batteries are subject to several restrictions based on the way the battery is shipped. Luckily, there's a more convenient micro-battery technology available for hearable and wearable devices.


As a society, we rely on our electronic devices and therefore batteries more than ever before. Small electronic devices, depending on their function, can improve communication, enhance the quality of life, contribute to physical well-being, and generally provide entertainment, safety, and security.

However, the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries powering these devices have some major shortcomings; the most critical being safety. Li-ion has been a prominent topic in recent news because when Li-ion batteries fail, they can do so in a dramatic fashion—the cells have the propensity to burst into flames. And as batteries have gotten both smaller and more powerful, Li-ion devices have proliferated, and safety incidents have been happening more frequently.

Concerns about the safety of Li-ion batteries are well documented. In 2017, the Federal Aviation Administration reported that a fire from a lithium-ion battery grounds a flight every 10 days on average in the U.S. Due to this risk of thermal runaway, the batteries are subject to onerous but necessary testing and regulations that are meant to assure the safety of those working with, transporting, and using the batteries.

What you'll learn in this white paper:

  • Air Transportation and Shipping Restrictions
  • Shipping and Regulations
  • Packaging Requirements
  • How Shipping Regulations Increase the Cost and Hassle of Li-ion Batteries
  • Consumer Travel Restrictions
  • Rechargeable Silver-Zinc—The Safe Alternative
  • Transporting Products With Silver-Zinc Rechargeable Batteries

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*Update (3/2023) ZPower Battery, LLC has filed bankruptcy as of March 2020 has discontinued production of all its products.