Mask-up Without Ear Pain

March 16, 2021
Innovation company Osun Labs has launched a mask accessory to make wearing masks more comfortable and functional.

Osun Labs is an innovation company on a mission to help people keep safe while working and playing wearing masks, creating a new category of mask optimization products. Their focus is to make mask-wearing more comfortable, sustainable, innovative, functional, and safe. By integrating them into headwear and apparel, their TetherSafe systems re-imagine health and safety solutions that help people and businesses resume life responsibly. 

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The first product to market in mask optimization is The GO-Clip.

This adjustable clip system attaches to any hat or headwear and pulls mask straps off the ears while also providing convenient safe storage. The GO-Clips help make wearing masks easier for more extended periods and are customizable for companies, brands, and properties to promote team pride in its safety efforts. Features include:

  • Relieves ear pain
  • Keeps your mask with you always
  • Improves fit and safe storage of your mask
  • Makes it easier to wear masks longer
  • Expresses your style

Osun labs have partnered with Game Time and Winning Streak Sports to help bring The GO-Clip to market with officially licensed logos and marks from leading sports and entertainment properties. These include Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Hockey League (NHL), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and Professional Bull Riders (PBR). Its B2B program allows companies and organizations of all sizes to create custom-branded GO-Clips for staff and retail.