MRT-18 LED Light-up Magnetic Retrieving Tool

July 3, 2024
The MRT-18 LED magnetic rechargeable tool from Cementex illuminates the exact location of lost screws, nuts, or tools that have fallen in hard-to-reach places.

A rechargeable LED light-up magnetic retrieving tool, the MRT-18-LED illuminates the exact location of a lost screw, nut, or tool that might have fallen inside a panel. By doing so, it eliminates the need for professionals to carry a light on their heads, in their mouths, or in their hands.

It features an 18-in. flexible shaft that has a strong magnetized tip with a rechargeable LED light. It's rated 1,000V AC/1,500V DC to be used anywhere.

The light has a well-balanced beam with a 5-sided glowing CSP LED that easily twists off and on. It also offers a wide range of brightness levels that can be calibrated to fit the needs of any project. Its maximum output is 150 lumens, which runs for 15 minutes before falling to 50% of charge, while its minimum output is 5 lumens, which runs for 6 hours before dropping to 50% of charge.

The insulation cap and magnet tip are removable to allow a full recharge in 75 minutes via a micro-USB charger port. 


  • Max output: 150 lm (fully tighten tail cap to access)
    • 15 min. before dropping to 50% of charge
  • Low output: 5 lm (slightly tighten tail cap to access)
    • 6 h before dropping to 50% of charge
  • Insulation cap and magnet tip remove to allow full recharge in 75 min.
      • Fully loosen tail cap to expose the Micro-USB charger port (cord included)

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