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CLEA by SECO Enables New Energy Opportunities

March 8, 2023
CLEA stands ready as a platform-independent IoT and cloud intelligence platform: field data, both from the machinery and environmental, is processed in real-time and transformed into valuable information for more efficient energy management.

Today, there is a concerted focus on transitioning to renewable and clean energy sources from fossil fuels. In 2020, more than 10% of the cars sold in Europe were fully electric or hybrid, and recent legislation bans the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles in the EU by 2035. In the U.S., electric vehicle (EV) sales are increasing, and California has mirrored the EU’s ban, putting a halt to the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035.

At the same time, there’s also a focus on greater efficiency in the electrical energy used in buildings and factories. This ranges from the implementation of advanced LED lighting to intelligent HVAC and overall building energy management systems (BEMS). Systems are increasingly being digitized, with sensors added onto legacy equipment, and integrated into newer devices.

With the proper data management, a variety of disparate sensors and systems can be coordinated so that they’re all working together balancing energy needs and accounting for historical data—enabling the combination of system inputs that works most efficiently as a whole. Intelligent system data management and integration are necessary to take things to the next level of efficiency and need software that’s up to the task. Such an integrated system can not only lower power usage, but minimize costs, and even deal with billing in the case of energy suppliers. It can also intelligently schedule data-driven predictive maintenance in order to minimize any service interruptions.

Whatever technological and legislative details emerge in the coming years and decades, the overall trend toward more intelligent resource management will continue, which can be beneficial from both an environmental and financial standpoint.

To help use resources more efficiently and take advantage of new business opportunities in the clean energy space, SECO’s CLEA technology stack stands ready to facilitate this transition as a platform-independent internet of things (IoT) and cloud intelligence platform.

CLEA is the all-in-one software platform from SECO that combines AI, IoT, edge, and cloud computing with customer-centric services and hardware solutions. With CLEA, customer devices and data become actionable value in the easiest and most secure way: AI models process raw data from connected edge devices in real-time, both local or in the cloud, and turn it into actionable insights for optimized decision-making, always have full control over the whole data journey.

In the energy space, the data-driven approach enabled by CLEA allows for optimized management: field data, both from the machinery and environmental, is processed in real-time and transformed into valuable information for more efficient energy management. There are many possible applications of CLEA in the smart energy management sector, some of which are detailed below.

What you'll find in the white paper:

  • CLEA for smart factories and smart buildings
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • CLEA for new energy opportunities
  • CLEA: AI for IoT

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