Artificial Intelligence in Freight Detection Systems on Railways

July 28, 2022
The high-speed intelligent image analysis system for moving trains helps determine whether parts are likely to fail so that action can be taken before they do.

Vehicle safety monitoring systems automatically identify faulty moving parts and are essential for the safe operation of trucks, vehicles, and trains. Faced with mounting problems stemming from overloaded passenger trains and freight traffic, a Chinese state railway operator decided to take urgent action: A system was needed that could perform real-time advanced data analysis and diagnostics to detect over-stressed parts on trains while they were moving.

The vehicle safety monitoring system included the following: Train Hotbox Detection System (THDS), Trackside Acoustic Detector System (TADS), Train Braking Performance Detection System (TBDS), Train Performance Detection System (TPDS), and a Moving Train Detection System (MTDS).

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