SIMATIC Automation Workstation Unifies PLCs in One Place

Removing the challenge of closely managing numerous hardware control points throughout the factory, the SIMATIC Automation Workstation replaces a hardware PLC, a conventional HMI, and an edge device with a single, software-based workstation.

PLCs, being the brains of the factory, can quickly add up throughout the plant and each one requires its own programming to align correctly with the others. The SIMATIC Workstation on the other hand can be viewed and managed from a central point. Since programming, updates, and patches can be deployed to the entire fleet in parallel, the shop floor easily remains in synch.

It's an on-premise OT device that uses Siemens industrial edge technology for high data throughput with low latency to run a variety of applications. Applications include motion control, sequencing, safety, visual inspection, and robotic grasping and placing.

SIMATIC Workstations will be first deployed in Ford Motor Company's manufacturing facilities.

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