Training Helps Manufacturing Plants Troubleshoot ControlLogix

Aug. 2, 2022
"Chance favors the prepared." – Louis Pasteur 1854.

ITV Training has launched a modern and comprehensive ControlLogix training program. Understanding, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting ControlLogix System—with the Studio 5000 Software is a training program designed to help maintenance and plant technicians troubleshoot systems and minimize unplanned downtime due to equipment failures.

Downtime Costs a Lot of Money

Analyst firm Aberdeen Research indicates that 82% of companies experience unplanned downtime costing a company up to $260,000/hour. ITV’s ControlLogix training program gives maintenance personnel an advanced understanding to proactively diagnose and repair production line controls and machinery to reduce unplanned downtime.


The ControlLogix Training Portal comes integrated in a powerful Microsoft Windows tablet ready-to-use. The system contains proprietary training and administrative software in a portable all-in-one package.

“In addition to the extraordinary high-definition content, the delivery is all self-contained and off-grid using proprietary software to keep all training organized and easy to implement. One of the best practices can save tens of thousands of dollars in downtime”, said Brian Paul, Vice President of Training Programs.

Training Savings

Besides minimizing costs of downtime, the training portal will save a company thousands of dollars in comparable training. It’s a smart economic decision that reduces training costs, travel, and time away from the plant.

A Panacea for Training

  • Ten comprehensive high-definition and interactive training modules.
  • Over 17,000 multi-media elements; Studio 5000 software explanations and know-how.
  • 1,000+ review and quiz questions dealing with real, live instances.
  • Ten Handbook Collection with over 1,280 pages combined, 450+ Review Questions, 2,400+ color graphics, and best-practice tips on safety and troubleshooting.

About ITV Training

ITV Training has provided leading technical training and publications in the Electrical Controls and PLC maintenance engineering sector for over 28 years. With over 30,000 customers, ITV’s products have been a force in manufacturing plant training worldwide.

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