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Magnetic Clamping Blocks for Free Holding

Dec. 21, 2020

MBX Magnetic Clamping Blocks for machinists and fabricators quickly setup and hold steel workpieces in place, without the time-consuming and obstructive design of a standard clamp.

The magnetic blocks have two, opposing, magnetic sides, which can be turned on and off, and are designed to "clamp", or hold, workpieces to steel surfaces, such as machinery or worktables. They work in horizontal or vertical orientation and can accommodate flat, round, square, or custom profiles for operations such as tapping, machining or deburring.

Unlike standard clamps, magnetic clamping blocks allow access to 5-sides of the work-piece at once, reducing setup time and the number of operations needed. They can be quickly turned on/off from either end for fast, easy setup and release. Clamping blocks may also be connected using a hex rod to accommodate longer workpieces.

Three sizes are available in stock, with holding values ranging from 1,125 to 2,250 lb., depending on the orientation of the workpiece.

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