Corrao Group
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Real-Time Analysis of Your Facilities' Cleanliness

Dec. 11, 2020

Corrao Group, a consulting partner of Salesforce since 2008, has announced their latest solution to give companies instant visibility into the health of their facilities' high-touch points via Salesforce's solution.

Corrao Group's SurfaceTrends integrates within's Command Center and provides real-time environmental surface results for companies getting back to work. Jack Corrao, Managing Partner of Corrao Group, said, "Our SurfaceTrends solution unifies the power of Salesforce's, 3M Healthcare, and Coastal Health USA. Providing real-time analytic data validating janitorial cleaning protocol is becoming mandatory for businesses and integrating with Salesforce's is critical for developing your back to work plan."

Corrao Group's SurfaceTrends leverages the data from Coastal Health USA to analyze and visualize how clean a surface is inside of SurfaceTrends offers companies a proactive approach to managing your facilities' low, moderate, and high touch points or surfaces. "Being able to visualize and see in real-time how clean your surfaces are via 3M's ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) tester is opening a lot of people's eyes to how dirty their surfaces are," said Ashley Mullenaux, an Infectious Control Analyst at Coastal Health USA. 

SurfaceTrends integrated with provides your company with: 

  • Real-time analysis and visualization of the cleanliness of your high touch business surfaces
  • Automated alerts via Command Center and email for surfaces requiring immediate cleaning
  • Automated Slack notification based off of nonconformant test results
  • Allows staff and visitors peace of mind with cleaning results