Food Waste Grinder XRL260—“Big Red"—Handles Tough Waste, Fast

Focused on improving the waste-handling capabilities of the food industry, animal processing, and related waste-handling facilities, Vogelsang USA is bringing its largest format grinding system, the RedUnit XRL260, to North America.

Nicknamed “Big Red,” the company's largest hopper-fed grinder reduces large amounts of solid waste material at a quick pace. The unit features 2, 50 hp geared motors that handle up to 130 y3/h (100 m3/h). The 5 x 2-ft inlet handles whole hogs and higher volumes of waste material.

With its capacity and output, the unit eliminates the need for multiple grinders or high-maintenance hammer mills.

Units are available in different sizes with various blade options, offering continuous height adjustment.

The XRL260 has a side-entry maintenance design for quick and safe access to the grinder's blades. Users can easily remove foreign objects and typically only needs one person to dismantle the one-piece cutting rotors.


  • Lateral hatches provide direct access to rotors
  • Elimination of elaborate clearing systems
  • Independent rotor direction and speed to adjust to any type of materials
  • Side panels easily lift for removal of foreign bodies and maintenance
  • Direct access to rotors with maintenance that can be done by only one person if necessary
  • Ripper rotors can be easily removed for quick cleaning
  • Throughput up to 100 t/h through 2 gear motors with up to 37 kW each
  • Optimal adaptation to grinding requirements through variable, independent direction of rotation and speed


  • Rendering plants
  • Biowaste, process, and post-consumer
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Pet Food
  XRL260-800 XRL260-1200 XRL260-1600
Drive (2x) 22 kW (2.840 Nm | 74 min-1)
22 kW (4.463 Nm | 47 min-1)
30 kW (6.783 Nm | 42 min-1)
37 kW (4.899 Nm | 72 min-1)
Rotor Material Steel (long-term gas nitrided)
Blade Widths  16.4 mm 24.8 mm 39.8 mm
Separator  Steel
Hopper Stainless steel (liquid-tight)
Assembly Aid Steel (painted)

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