SP 1500 Series Order Picker Provides a Clear View at Elevated Heights

The Crown SP 1500 Series order picker offers a mid-platform window along with high lift and lower speeds to enhance safety and make order picking easier and more efficient.

Providing great visibility for the operator even when fully elevated, the mid-platform window, centered between the operator controls, provides a view of the floor below when the platform is raised. This is combined with a large upper window that offers a wide view of pedestrians, objects, and other equipment, as well as openings in the center and on each side of the floorboard to provide clear views directly below. An optional large panoramic window above the operator provides clear sightlines to pick locations and overhead obstructions, resulting in clear all-around visibility for the operator.

The lift truck travels at 7.5 mph, with lift speeds of 71 fpm for the 24V, 115 for the 36V, and 140 for the 48V. The Xpress Lower option raises lowering speeds from 80 fpm to 205 fpm for the 36 and 48V lift truck options, and 110 fpm for the 24V lift truck.

Op-Zone, the operator-centric compartment, can be customized to meet individual preferences and application requirements. Independent height adjustability lets operators adjust control height to their preference.

The Gena operating system delivers a customizable, interactive, data-rich user experience to enhance supply chain performance. The intuitive system provides users with real-time, actionable data for the task at hand, including safety reminders with illustrations and widgets that display key operating metrics like battery state of charge, hour meter, and height indicator.

Crown's patented OnTrac anti-slip traction control system reduces slippage or wheelspin whenever the lift truck is accelerating, plugging, or braking on wet or dusty floors.

Customized energy solutions for the order picker are available, based on a range of V-Force lead acid or lithium-ion batteries and chargers.


  • True opportunity charging for increased uptime
  • Low maintenance
  • No battery swapping thanks to longer runtimes
  • Increased safety due to zero emissions and multi-level safety architecture
  • Longer battery life-saving replacement and service costs
  • Improved efficiency and higher sustained voltage
  • Heavy-duty steel frame and covers
  • Easy-access covers, panels, and skirt doors
  • Separate electronics and hydraulic systems
  • Wireless software downloads
  • Easy-to-adjust settings
  • Step-by-step calibration instructions
  • Gena analyzer, which displays inputs and outputs of individual system components
  • Clear-View Travel
  • Floorboard Openings
  • Large Panoramic Window
  • Auxiliary Mast Windows
  SP 1500 w/Fixed Forks SP 1500 w/Aux Lift
Load Capacity 3,000 lb. 2,200 lb.
Power 24V/1,180 Ah, 36V/1,120 Ah or 48V/910 Ah
Max. Fork Lift Height 402 in. 380 in.
Max. Platform Lift Height 408 in. 355 in.

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