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Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Should Be Your Next Structural Solution

June 28, 2022
ClearSpan’s pre-engineered steel buildings provide operations with a structure that’s not simply just a quick fix, but that can also be a reliable long-term solution.

In any industry, circumstances can arise that require businesses to find a quick building solution. This can be a stressful situation, as operations often have to scramble and rapidly gauge their options to find the right structure.

For an immediate answer, businesses frequently turn to pre-engineered structures over conventional buildings. While this can be a quick and convenient option, operations will also want to ensure they’re getting a high-quality building that can stand the test of time.

That’s where ClearSpan comes in. ClearSpan’s pre-engineered steel buildings provide operations with a structure that’s not simply just a quick fix, but that can also be a reliable long-term solution.

When businesses work with ClearSpan, they benefit from one of the industry’s quickest construction timelines, as well as industry-leading warranties. Their building will provide a number of unique benefits, ensuring they get an immediate solution that’s easy to maintain and continues to meet the operation’s needs, well into the future.

What Are Pre-engineered Buildings? What Are Their Functions?

If a building has been pre-engineered, it means the structure has already gone through the design and engineering process. The building components are manufactured to create specific dimensions and provide optimal strength. Operations can then choose between different building sizes, according to their requirements.

When businesses need a building immediately, these structures offer a convenient and reliable solution. ClearSpan’s pre-engineered steel buildings are manufactured with ultimate durability and include blueprints that certify their strength against various snow and wind loads. This allows them to withstand the harshest environments and meet just about any building codes, so every business is guaranteed a durable and long-lasting structure.

Pre-engineered steel buildings use modular construction so that they can be more adaptable. Although these structures are available in pre-determined sizes, modular construction allows them to be easily expanded upon in the future, if a business desires. To learn more about modular construction and its benefits, read this past blog.

The ultimate goal of pre-engineered steel buildings is to provide a structural solution to nearly any industry. They are extremely adaptable and durable, and their superior design gives them the versatility to serve any operation’s purpose. From the military to athletics, to the most demanding storage applications, ClearSpan’s pre-engineered steel buildings offer a superior, cost-effective solution.

Why Should I Choose Pre-engineered Steel Buildings?

Pre-engineered steel buildings combine durability with convenience and are constructed from high-quality building material that allows them to satisfy most building codes. They have already been engineered, so the design process is essentially eliminated in these structures and the entire purchasing process is streamlined.

Pre-engineered steel buildings can be shipped quickly and assembled in very little time, leading to more cost-effective construction.

When operations obtain a pre-engineered structure, they have a choice between several innovative foundation options. Helical anchors are one of the most notable because they make engineered steel buildings more convenient and adaptable.

This foundation allows pre-engineered steel buildings to be considered 100% temporary, while still providing the strength and reliability of a traditional foundation. Helical anchors are drilled directly into the ground and require minimal excavation, which limits their impact on the surrounding environment and allows for simpler installation or removal.

How Operations Can Benefit From a Clearspan Pre-engineered Structure

By working with ClearSpan, businesses will get an immediate solution that can accommodate their needs, no matter what the building’s intended purpose may be.

ClearSpan provides a number of metal cladded, pre-engineered building options. These are built with ultra-sturdy I-beam frames, and they can be built to any size. ClearSpan also offers a number of pre-engineered structures that can be cladded with fabric. 

The fabric buildings feature a truss frame design that creates wide-open interiors with no support posts. This ensures operations get abundant space, without any obstructions to hinder potential work or production. The frame also creates naturally high clearances, allowing even the tallest vehicles or machinery to maneuver in and out of the pre-engineered steel buildings comfortably.

The cladding is naturally translucent, so it allows sunlight to filter through and flood the structure’s interior. This produces lighting that’s easy on the eyes, and operations can save on utility costs because they don’t have to run artificial lighting throughout the day.

The cover is also climate-sensitive, which allows the interior to be ten degrees cooler in the summer and ten degrees warmer in the winter. This helps pre-engineered steel buildings stay comfortable, even during extreme summer temperatures, or cold winter days.

While pre-engineered steel buildings come “as is”, ClearSpan offers a one-stop shop for all the accessories a business may need to acquire. Whether it’s doors, lighting, HVAC equipment or any other steel building systems, they can be seamlessly integrated into pre-engineered steel buildings.

If businesses want a structure that can be customized to meet all of their exact needs, ClearSpan’s extensive line of buildings can provide the answer they’re looking for. For a comprehensive guide to ClearSpan’s custom steel structures, read this previous blog.

With ClearSpan, finding the right type of building doesn’t have to be a hassle for businesses. ClearSpan’s pre-engineered steel buildings are designed to meet a variety of applications across a number of industries, ensuring any operation can get the ideal structure, even when they face time constraints.