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Time To Upgrade Your Storage Space?

March 30, 2022
Oftentimes, businesses find themselves stuck with an inadequate storage area that doesn’t fulfill the needs of their operation. From outdoor storage to more traditional options that are basic in nature, it can be difficult to find a cost-effective space t

Fabric structures are designed to solve this issue, supplying operations with abundant storage and the ability to customize the structure to their exact needs, while still being competitively priced. With a ClearSpan storage tent, operations can obtain a greater overall storage solution, whether they need a temporary space or a structure that lasts decades.

Through a wide selection of custom features and structural components, operations can ensure their structure meets even the most demanding storage applications. When a business decides to upgrade their storage space with a ClearSpan storage tent, they gain superior protection, steel frame designs that maximize space, and versatile foundations that limit construction timelines and excavation costs.

Superior Storage Tent Covering

With any storage space, operations are going to want to ensure their equipment and valuables are well-protected. ClearSpan’s cladding options make a fabric structure the superior choice for a storage tent, helping shield stored goods from the elements year-round.

The standard cladding choice is a 12.5-ounce polyethylene fabric cover, which offers operations a number of benefits for their storage tent. This fabric is manufactured with a rip-stop weave to significantly extend its lifespan and is backed by an industry-leading 20-year warranty. High-quality manufacturing helps the cover keep a structure’s interior safe and dry for decades, regardless of the severe weather it may face.

In addition to maintaining a dry interior, the fabric is also climate-sensitive, which helps keep a storage tent ten degrees cooler in the summer and ten degrees warmer in the winter. With more regulated temperatures, operations can create a suitable year-round environment for their stored goods, without running extensive HVAC systems.

While this helps keep energy costs to a minimum, the fabric cover also goes a step further, flooding a storage tent with natural light. Not only does this mitigate the need for artificial light fixtures and reduce electricity consumption, but it also creates a well-lit environment for when businesses need to access their storage tent.

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For businesses that need a storage tent with additional strength, a second fabric cladding option is the exclusive Armor Shield Cover. Designed for the toughest applications, this 29-ounce architectural vinyl covering is constructed with seven layers of material to guarantee decades of use.

The base fabric provides the necessary strength and supports a long lifespan. Its additional layers work to secure the cladding together, offer increased durability and help repel dirt. Backed by an industry-leading 30-year warranty, operations can use this heavy-duty cladding to give their storage tent the utmost protection.

Storage Shelter Designs That Maximize Space

As businesses attempt to figure out their storage solution, they are faced with a unique problem: maximizing storage room without spending a fortune on a larger structure. A ClearSpan storage tent is designed to provide the most usable space possible, at any size, and still be cost-effective.

Available space begins with the fabric structure’s frame design. Operations can choose between the Truss Arch Frame or the I-Beam Frame, which are both constructed to offer wide-open interiors and high clearances.

The Truss Arch Frame is constructed with triple-galvanized structural steel and takes advantage of the triangle’s natural strength, allowing it to distribute weight across the entire truss. With this design, a storage tent can be built up to 300-feet wide and to any length. Meanwhile, the arched shape creates naturally high clearances, so businesses can store even the tallest equipment or machinery.

ClearSpan’s I-Beam Frame is intended to provide operations with superior strength and dependability, at any size. The I-Beam uses the highest-quality materials during construction, including grade 55 steel that makes up the frame, purlins, and secondary framing. By not using excessive steel in its design, this frame produces a cost-effective storage tent, while still offering unmatched structural integrity and maximum storage space.

Since neither of these frames requires interior support posts, they don’t create any obstructions throughout a storage tent. This helps operations truly get the most out of their square footage. Both frames are supported by 50-year warranties as well, to offer businesses ample storage space with guaranteed longevity.

More Versatility and Convenience

Compared to a more traditional storage tent, a fabric structure offers operations far more versatility, along with features that make acquiring one more convenient. These benefits start with a wide selection of foundation options, including two of the most adaptable: helical anchors and shipping containers.

The innovative helical anchor foundation allows any storage tent to be permanent or temporary, depending on the needs of individual operations. Helical anchors drill directly into the ground and require minimal excavation, which makes installation and removal far simpler.

Whether businesses need their storage tent in one location for an extended period of time or have to relocate their facility to different sites, helical anchors provide a durable, yet portable foundation that’s capable of both.

A shipping container foundation presents a more unique way to upgrade a storage tent. In addition to creating a sturdy foundation, shipping containers offer a convenient, secure way to bolster an operation’s storage.

ClearSpan fabric structures are inherently designed to be more convenient than other storage solutions, beginning with manufacturing, and continuing throughout the purchasing process. Regardless of what frame businesses choose, their storage tent is made in pre-engineered parts that are shipped directly to the requested site.

These pieces can then be erected quickly, and ClearSpan can even send a construction crew to assemble the building, or a project manager to oversee an existing team. The streamlined manufacturing process allows for quicker construction timelines and lower construction costs, helping operations get their building quicker, and at a lower price point.

Any desired customization can also be done through ClearSpan, so businesses don’t have to work with multiple vendors to get their ideal storage tent. To significantly improve a structure’s strength and storage capacity, operations can acquire ClearSpan’s Pre-Stressed Concrete Walls.

These supplemental walls allow materials to be stored against the edges of a storage tent while helping to reinforce the structure’s sides. As an added convenience, pre-stressed concrete walls can be installed during the winter because the concrete has already been set, unlike high-walled poured concrete.

If operations need to upgrade or replace their storage space, a ClearSpan storage tent offers the perfect opportunity to do so. By providing a cost-effective structure with more usable space, higher clearances, and custom features, businesses can significantly increase their available storage for years to come.

This article originally appeared on ClearSpan's website and has been published here with permission.