SICK MultiScan LiDAR Family

Giving Robots 360-Degree Perception With MultiScan LiDAR

July 31, 2023
SICK’s newest multiScan100 LiDAR family uses time-of-flight measurement to provide mobile robots with 360-deg., 3D views of their surroundings. To begin, SICK is launching the multiScan136, with a planned launch in the future for more products in the multiScan product family.

Self-Localization via 3D LiDAR: Everything Around the Vehicle in View

With the launch of the multiScan product family, SICK presents 3D LiDAR sensors that provide mobile platforms with a 360-degree all-around view in 3D. Due to the up to 690,000 measuring points, the multiScan100 achieves a state-of-the-art precision with which nothing in its environment escapes its notice.

With its compact design of around 10 cm and the support of industrial interfaces, a high degree of integration-friendliness is guaranteed. The first variant, the multiScan136, delivers 3D measurement data that can be used for precise self-localization of vehicles while simultaneously mapping the environment (SLAM or Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). In addition, the 3D LiDAR sensors can detect falling edges or obstacles in 3D.

Precise Detection and Localization - All In 3D

In its main application, the multiScan provides numerous benefits to mobile robot applications. Industrial Mobile Robots (IMRs) are used in countless applications across manufacturing and logistics spaces. Though they were important before, their importance is only expected to increase in the coming years.

When mounted on a vehicle, the multiScan supports its navigation and, in parallel, prevents it from potential collisions. In case of static or dynamic obstacles, the sensor recognizes these and tells the vehicle to stop or drive around them. Additionally, the characteristics of the environment can be detected and measured.

The LiDAR offers obstacle detection at all angles, with a 360-degree horizontal field of view (FoV) and 65-degree vertical FoV. With the full field of view of up to 16 layers, the multiScan generates up to 648.000 measurement points per second. This allows the multiScan to create a dense point cloud of the sensor environment to be used to gather navigation and collision prevention data.

Reliable Measurement Indoors and Outdoors

It also features multi-echo technology and contamination measurement for approved outdoor capability and use in harsher environments. This technology also provides high measurement accuracy with less measurement noise because three echoes are generated per beam, leading to more reliable data.

In addition, measurement filters like rain or dust filters improve the availability and reliability of the sensor because it hides small, irrelevant influences on the measurement data. This includes a dusty environment, or when used in rainy or snowy conditions. It also has a rugged housing design for rough environmental conditions. The multiScan is IP69K rated, with a high shock rating and vibration resistance.

Total Solution Provider for Sensor Solutions for Mobile Robots

Object detection & identification, localization & distance measurement, positioning & distancing, load handling & gripper sensors, environment detection & safety technology in 2D and 3D, LiDAR and image processing—SICK offers the most comprehensive solution portfolio for mobile robots from a single source. In addition, there are coordinated sensor systems that offer maximum functionality and ease of integration at the same time, and as turnkey solutions, they provide manufacturers with considerable support in equipping vehicles with sensors.

SICK is a manufacturer of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, emissions monitoring systems, flow measurement, encoders, and automatic identification products for industrial applications. With more than 3,500 patents, SICK continues to lead the industry in new product innovations. The diversity of its product line allows SICK to offer solutions at every phase of production in the logistics, automotive, packaging, electronics, food and beverage, material handling, and process automation markets.