The AMSAW series of circular saws are designed for low maintenance, with quick changeover, and the ability to cut with carbide or cermet blades for ferrous or nonferrous material.

Circular Cutting for Bars, Billet, etc.

April 16, 2014
Ferrous or nonferrous Low-maintenance Stock size measuring, automated length measuring, … more

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.’s AMSAW® line of circular saws is designed to use carbide or cermet blades to improve cutting of ferrous and nonferrous bars or billets, as well as rails, profiles, pipe, and tube. Standard design features emphasize accuracy in cutting to stabilize the blades and prolong tool life.

Hardened spindle gears maintain a minimum backlash during cutting. The process engages the highest cutting rates available for precision length or weight cutting.

Machines use cermet or carbide-tipped, disposable or re-grindable saw blades.

The system design was developed as a low-maintenance installation. The saw blade changeover is completed in less than five minutes, and chip disposal is fast and dependable. Unattended sawing operations is available with automatic bar loading and unloading systems.

Various options are available, including stock size measuring, automated length measuring systems, bar manipulating systems, in-feed and out-feed systems, stackers, and other special options.

AMSAW carbide saws are available in different sizes and configurations to match any size and production requirement. Singular machines for stand-alone operation, or complete sawing systems are available.

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. manufactures precision components and accessories, including spindle interface components, workholding devices, and, machine enclosures, chip removal, and filtration systems.