Numerous aerospace fastener suppliers use eVIEW to meet data logging requirements.

Induction Heating Monitoring

April 6, 2014
Meets aerospace OEMs’ specifications Free application testing

AMBRELL’s eVIEW induction heating software performs monitoring and logging of temperature and other operating parameters.  It can be used by manufacturers to meet aerospace OEM’s parts specifications for parts. For example, numerous aerospace fastener suppliers use eVIEW to meet data logging requirements.

Ambrell manufactures induction heating systems, including technologies used by aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers. Induction’s fast, repeatable, controllable, non-contact heating requires a minimal footprint and makes it ideal for that industry. Induction heating is used for hot heading, brazing, soldering, preheating, decarburization (among other application) during the creation of fasteners, turbine blades, hydraulic hose assemblies, fuel nozzles, and more. Induction heating’s ability to increase production and boost quality are benefits for these applications in the aerospace industry.

Ambrell also offers free application testing in its Applications Lab. From the testing, Ambrell determines the optimal system for the client’s application, accounting for their parts and required heating time. With systems from 1 kW to over 1 MW, Ambrell has a solution whether the application is large or small.

"We’ve serviced numerous clients in the aerospace industry," said director of sales Tom Dickerson. "Our new, cutting-edge high-power systems, innovative solutions, and outstanding service have been the main drivers behind our success in the industry.”