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Mobile Data Collection and Inspection

March 19, 2012
Ease of use, powerful features, and compatibility with mobile devices
Microlog Inspector is a front-line tool for Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) programs. Operators can use automated technologies to record observations of machine performance, and process parameter inspections and critical machine conditions.

SKF introduced its Microlog Inspector as “the next generation” SKF Marlin inspection system that builds on customer feedback and provides the ability to manage workflow and data collection effectively within and between different plant disciplines (operations, maintenance, safety, inspections, condition monitoring, contractors, etc.) – all with one mobile solution. Compatibility with most Windows Mobile portable devices means that customers can usually use existing handhelds if required.

Also, Microlog Inspector can automatically and wirelessly connect to a central server, downloading the latest routes and uploading collected data to anywhere in the world.

The SKF Microlog Inspector links seamlessly to the SKF @ptitude Inspector software package where data can be analyzed further, reported on, and shared across the plant-wide SKF @ptitude Asset Management System. This gives users the ability to start with an SKF Microlog Inspector system, and integrate other SKF portable and on-line condition monitoring systems as required. Additionally, this new inspection system will find application in work scheduling, environmental, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections, and other regulatory and safety requirements, documenting inspection data for compliance reporting and audits.

The SKF Microlog Inspector does not need to be connected directly to a PC running the SKF @ptitude Inspector software package. By supporting communication over a LAN, USB, WiFi and even cellular data network (3G/GPRS) connection, Microlog Inspector can transfer data to a remote computer anywhere in the world. In addition to easy plant-wide sharing of data, this also allows for the optimum management of plant personnel. For example, the collection and transfer of FFTs can take place in the background while operators perform other routine inspections. Experienced maintenance engineers anywhere in the world can review this machine data.

Complementing its wireless capability, the Microlog Inspector collects velocity, acceleration, temperature, and FFT data via a wireless sensor – the wireless machine condition detector (WMCD). Routine collection of vibration data during inspection rounds makes critical machine data available immediately and the intuitive user-interface provides prompts for corrective actions when alarm levels are triggered.

Microlog Inspector also is the front line tool for operators in an Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) program. Operators can use automated technologies to record observations of machine performance, and process parameter inspections and critical machine conditions. By using Microlog Inspector to implement an ODR program, plants can improve reliability, safety and communication with a plant-wide team.

Additionally, Microlog Inspector’s connectivity with SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite provides in-depth analysis and communication of machine conditions between operations, maintenance, engineering, and plant management. Compliance reporting and scheduling allows for a range of collection schedules that vary from day, week, month, day of year, and multiple or repeat collections per time period. Customizable reports identify missed, overdue, out of compliance or points in alarm.