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K.Hartwall LiftLiner tow-train system.

Raymond Introduces K.HARTWALL LiftLiner Tow-Train

Oct. 14, 2021
Raymond expands end-to-end intralogistics solutions offerings with tow-train addition.

The Raymond Corporation and K.Hartwall, a global provider of logistics solutions located in Finland, announce an exclusive partnership in the United States and Canada. The agreement provides Raymond Solutions and Support Centers with the ability to offer a variety of K.Hartwall solutions, including tow-trains, carts, foldable cages, and more. The latest addition is the K.Hartwall LiftLiner tow-train system. It is compatible with the Raymond 8610 tow tractor or Raymond Courier 3020 and 3220 automated tow tractor models. This innovative and agile tow-train solution has an unparalleled compact design and unique patented steering system, offering a tight turn radius and high maneuverability in very narrow aisles.

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The LiftLiner solution has an ergonomic patented load system that handles up to 2,200 lb. (1,000 kg) with a three-second lift. With special tilting technology and the capability to load and unload different-sized carts from both sides without the need to sequence, this operator-friendly, lean logistics solution helps streamline processes and drastically reduces handling costs.

“The addition of the LiftLiner tow-train offering showcases Raymond and its extensive network of Solutions and Support Centers commitment to bringing innovative, end-to-end solutions to businesses of all sizes,” said Dave Norton, vice president of customer solutions and support, The Raymond Corporation. “We are always looking for new intralogistics solutions to help businesses drive continuous improvement, optimize their operations and support their ever-changing needs.”

“The partnership strengthens both of our businesses by widening our reach and product range to offer better services to customers in North America,” said K.Hartwall CEO Jerker Hartwall. “By putting together our strengths, we can reach both new customers and new markets as one strong team.”

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