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Personal Technology for Distancing, Tracing

July 22, 2020
An IoT developer launched new variants for two wearable devices, to provide onsite visibility and improve workplace safety and productivity.

TRIAX TECHNOLOGIES INC., an Internet of Things (IoT) technology developer, launched new variants for its wearable devices to support industrial workplace requirements. “To help address industry needs, we are offering our Spot-r and Proximity Trace hardware with Class 1, Division 1 intrinsic safety ratings, extending the use of our solutions to operate in hazardous work environments, including confined spaces,” explained CEO Robert Costantini.

The Intrinsically Safe (IS) variant for the Spot-r network wearable device provides onsite visibility to improve worker safety and productivity. The IS Proximity Trace device provides social distancing assurance and contact tracing capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Spot-r compact worker wearable devices are part of a powerful and reliable proprietary network, with an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard to provide real-time, data-driven visibility into workers, equipment, and specific areas of interest to increase productivity and safety across facilities.

Proximity Trace is a wearable device that supports safe social distancing by alerting workers with an audible and visual alarm when they are in close proximity to each other. The device continuously records those close interactions for digital contact tracing in the event that there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 or other illness.

With reliable worker-interaction information, businesses can determine how to continue to operate safely without the need to shut down an operation.

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