SGGT Hydraulik
Sggt Microline Descaling 800

Inline Hydro-Mechanical Descaling

June 17, 2020
A hydraulic descaling process with conveyor and control technology prepares surfaces with minimal temperature loss, for up to 1,200 parts per hour.

The SGGT HYDRAULIK Microline Descaling system is an inline process for water hydraulic descaling of small and midsized forging components. Descaling with minimal temperature drop (5-15°C) helps to maintain material qualities prior to the hot forming process.

Removing scale from the surface of induction-heated parts puts special demands on hydro-mechanical descaling systems. The Microline Descaling system works with a maximum water quantity of 1.5 liters per part and thus achieves a temperature drop of only 10 °C, even with small parts.

Combined with innovative conveyor and control technology, which manages handling for the entire process, including the press quiver feeding, it descales up to 1,200 parts per hour.

Because the process pressure in the water circuit is generated only when it is needed, the system has exceptional energy efficiency: With a drive power of just 22 kW, the hydraulic power compares to 115 kW.

The process water is recirculated in a closed circuit, taking care for scale separation, disposal, and filtration. A special feature, developed for the Microline Descaling, is the physical separation of process water and ultra-fine scale with particle sizes of less than 5 µm, which cannot be adequately separated by conventional filtration technology.

MD systems are available in different sizes for descaling parts of different dimensions: Currently, SGGT Hydraulik is installing a new Microline Descaling MD1500 D descaling system at Musashi Europe GmbH in Bockenau, Germany, for descaling large-format (up to RCS / Dia. 120/80 x 750 mm), rotationally symmetrical forgings for cars and trucks.

The system will be positioned between the induction heater and a new, "MT 5000" eccentric forging press, for start-up in summer 2020.

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