The new, automated 30-ton gantry-style hydraulic press to be presented at IMTS 2020.

Automated Hydraulic Press for Precision Processing

May 20, 2020
Greenerd's 30-ton gantry-style press is 25 ft. long, with optical recognition for a high-precision part-positioning operation.

GREENERD PRESS & MACHINE CO. recently developed an automated, 30-ton gantry-style hydraulic press for an application requiring precise positioning of pins. A linear transducer mounted in the press cylinder enables a minimum depth to be programmed into the control, to ensure proper pin depth has been achieved. The 25-ft. long hydraulic press features automated gantry positioning with optical recognition of the distance between each set of pins to be inserted. The cycle can be initiated in autonomous operation where the gantry moves to each pin location and applies the set of tonnage on the pins.

Greenerd is a Tier 1 industrial authorized robot system integrator of FANUC America Corp. The partnership gives Greenerd full access to the comprehensive offerings of FANUC Robots, including all models, training and support, providing state-of-the-art automation solutions in short time frames.

Complete, fully integrated production systems can be provided, including raw-material feeding systems, and robotic solutions including press loading/unloading, optional secondary part manipulation or processes, automated inspection of parts, and stacking finished products.

Automation also may include part inspection and temperature monitoring/control. Streaming critical production data to and from the press is offered, too.

"To meet the demands of today's challenging applications, we are providing manufacturers with press solutions that are flexible, productive and reliable as well as often being quite large and complex," according to CEO Jerry Letendre. "For even greater manufacturing efficiency, we are able to provide our hydraulic press customers with turnkey, state-of-the-art robotic product handling solutions.”

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