Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)


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Autonomous Tractor-Trailer Hitching

Aug. 12, 2021
Outrider delivers first-of-its-kind autonomous hitching technology for yard trucks.
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Presence Sensing

SmartDect Wearable Collision Avoidance System

Aug. 10, 2021
With the aim of further improving safety inside factories and distribution centers,  the wearable SmartDect is a collision-avoidance system that uses ultra...
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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

A-Mate Load Carrier AGV

June 16, 2021
A fully electric, free-lift pallet AGV with omnidirectional drive, the A-MATE is an extremely versatile mobile robot that brings a new level of automation to intra-logistics...
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Towing & Pushing

Palion Tow Tractor Series 8

June 15, 2021
Seegrid's tow tractor comprehends and makes decisions while safely and reliably moving material in dynamic, high-traffic facilities.
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OTTO 1500 Heavy-Duty AMR

June 9, 2021
OTTO Motor's workhorse AMR is designed to move heavy payloads through demanding environments faster than any other AMR on the market.
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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Autonomous Counterbalanced Forklift

Sept. 23, 2020
The OCF—an abbreviation for "Omnidirectional Counterbalanced Forklift"—is an autonomous, omnidirectional, counterbalanced forklift operating with swarm intelligence. The fleets...
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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Omni-Directional Drive Platform

Aug. 11, 2020
 Conceptual Innovations, an engineering, consulting, and custom manufacturing firm powered by Caster Concepts, announced the Omni-Directional Heavy Duty Drive System...
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Clutches & Brakes

Brakes for Automated Guided Vehicles

May 12, 2020
AGV brakes from Miki Pulley are power-off engaged brakes that will hold the AGV in place when not in use.
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Lift Trucks

AGV Tow Tractor Reduces Delivery Times

Oct. 10, 2019
TheEZS 350a NA Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) System, Electric Tow Tractor (11,000 lb.) is based on Jungheinrich’s standard tow tractor and uses laser navigation. The automated...