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April 26, 2022
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Viking Blast & Wash Systems
The MRW 4830 is designed for manufacturers who intend to paint or powder-coat metal surfaces using a monorail conveyor.

Heavy-Duty Flow-Through Washer

March 11, 2013
Gas or electric heating in wash and phosphate sections Filtration, oil skimming, sludge drag options

VIKING BLAST & WASH SYSTEMS a new washer in its line of industrial washers.  The MRW 4830 wash and phosphatizing system has a large 48-in. tall by 30-in. wide wash zone.  This redesigned system can be heated with either natural gas or electric heating elements in both the wash and phosphatizing sections.

The washer’s pump system delivers 15 HP worth of high volume water at approximately 60 PSI, and the phosphatizing system uses 7.5 HP at approximately 60 PSI.  Options for a 20-HP wash pump also are available. 

Filtration, oil skimming as well as sludge drag options help to maintain water quality for maximum application of chemicals while reducing labor.  This unit is designed for manufacturers who intend to wet paint or powder coat metal surfaces using a monorail type conveyance.            

Viking Blast & Wash Systems offers industrial cleaning solutions for all sizes and shapes of metal parts.