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Customizable Leak and Flow Testing

June 20, 2012
Test control unit allows up to four high-res sensors and customizable pneumatic configurations

Uson's Optima vT leak and flow testing device delivers reliability and advanced testing technology in a highly configurable and versatile package. A comprehensive user interface makes control and information easily accessible via the large, clear touchscreen display. The core of the package is Uson’s TCU2, the second-generation test control unit that offers exceptional flexibility in a single test channel. TCU2 allows up to four high-resolution sensors and customizable pneumatic configurations for leak and flow tests.

Forging manufacturers that require leak testing, and who seek continuous quality improvements and/or faster leak test cycle times while maintaining gauge repeatability and reproducibility (R&R), can now schedule customized, videoconference demonstrations of the mathematical functions built into the Optima vT leak and flow tester. One-to-one, no-cost video consultations (contact Gene Grilli by e-mail or at tel. 281-671-2000) will include application-specific demonstration of how Optima’s built-in mathematical tools can improve yields and quality.

“Optima’s many built-in mathematical functions are one of several features that make it one of the most versatile leak detectors today,” according to Grilli, USON global sales director and supervisor of USON’s leak testing applications engineering team. “For example, a product with four chambers can be tested concurrently and using the Optima’s math feature, summed to create a total, thereby providing both an individual and overall result, effectively cutting cycle time. Additionally slope and intercept calculations along with averaging can easily be performed, not to forget the host of other built in formulas. This is not impossible to do manually or with spreadsheets in a slower way, but it’s an example of how Optima’s built-in math streamlines production processes without putting an additional burden on the system controls.”

The Optima vT leak and flow tester has numerous design features that make it effective for current and emerging industrial production requirements. In addition to the built-in math functions, these include: capabilities for vacuum decay tests; gauge pressure decay leak testing; differential pressure decay leak tests; mass-flow leak detection (including back pressure and differential); upstream and downstream cracking pressure; pressure rise tests; burst tests; laminar flow tests; force decay testing and occlusion testing; state-of-the-art microcontrollers comparable to those used in the most sophisticated and demanding consumer electronics applications; two channels with up to four sensors/channel, totaling up to eight sensor inputs; simultaneous testing on all sensor inputs; fully customizable pneumatic controls; and large, easy-to-read full color touchscreen display with intuitive user interface.