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KUKA Robotics Introduces New Robot Line to North American Market

March 29, 2005
Floor- and Shelf-mounted Robots for Demanding Applications

KUKA Robotics Corp., a leading global manufacturer of industrial robots, is introducing a new line of robots suitable for forging applications to the North American market. The new robots will be demonstrated at the company's booth (#807) at CastExpo 2005 in St. Louis on April 16-19.

"KUKA robots have #1 market share in Europe, and are highly regarded throughout the foundry, die casting, and forging industry," said Joe Campbell, director of strategic alliances for KUKA Robotics Corp. "We're bringing the industry's broadest product line to the US, which will assure our customers can optimize their complete range of applications." KUKA Robotics' high performance robots are said to be suited for the demanding harsh environments of forging applications. The line's floor-mount robots consist of eleven different models that can handle from 16- to 500-kg payloads. The line's unique low profile shelf-mount robots consist of six different models that can handle from 16- to 210-kg payloads. Each mechanical model can be configured in dozens of variations. The robots are designed for high-duty-cycle applications, and deliver superior heat and contamination protection allowing customers to automate more applications with a longer robot life and reduced maintenance needs.

The wrists of the new robots are IP 67 rated allowing them to operate trouble free in harsh environments. The wrists and forearms of the units are coated with a corrosion resistant and high heat reflecting finish. This allows them to operate in environments up to 100 degrees Celsius continuously and up to 180 degrees Celsius for short periods at a time.

Customers can also take advantage of a reach up to 3700 mm giving them a larger work envelope. The line's flexible mounting options give customers the flexibility to install on the floor, wall, or ceiling, or on top of a production machine itself.

KUKA Robotics Corp., with its parent company KUKA Roboter GmbH, Augsburg, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial robots, with an annual production volume approaching 10,000 units, and an installed base of over 60,000 units. The company's 5- and 6- axis robots range from 3-kg to 500-kg payloads, and 635-mm to 3,700-mm reach, all controlled from a common PC based controller platform.