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April 26, 2022
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FormTech Selects Plexus Online

April 27, 2006
Objective is to streamline operations.

FormTech Industries has selected Plexus Systems, providers of the on-demand manufacturing performance system Plexus Online, to implement a comprehensive business and manufacturing solution across the FormTech enterprise.

Last month, FormTech Industries, Royal Oak, MI, acquired the North American forging operations of Metaldyne, making it what is said to be the largest independent forging company in North America. Consisting of seven plants located throughout the Midwest, the company produces transmission components and other critical parts for the worldwide automotive industry, industrial market, and other sectors.

The fully-integrated Plexus Online system was selected as the preferred operating solution due to its ability to closely track critical manufacturing information—anywhere, anytime—using a simple web browser. FormTech officials say they selected Plexus Online over competing applications because it will tie together all plant operations, engineering, quality, customer/supplier communication, and back office functions into one streamlined system.

"We've acquired state-of-the-art production facilities. Now Plexus Online provides us with the best-in-class manufacturing performance system," said Dr. Richard McDermott, chief executive officer of FormTech Industries. "We've put confidence and trust into Plexus Systems as our partner for handling not just our management information system needs using Plexus Online, but all internal Information Technology services as well." "We look forward to helping FormTech revolutionize their business. We plan to replace an extensive list of separate, disintegrated software packages with Plexus Online," said Rob Beatty, founder and CEO of Plexus Systems. "By working closely with FormTech's new management team, we plan to turn FormTech into one of the leanest and best performing companies in the industry." Additional information about FormTech can be obtained from the company’s website at Plexus Systems website is at