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Metaldyne Earns Six Con-Rod Contracts

Aug. 21, 2008
Forged PM parts for four-, six-cylinder engines

Metaldyne reports its Sintered Products Group has earned six supply contracts with a total value over $50 million from automakers around the world. Each contract concerns forged powder-metal connecting rods for four- and six-cylinder engines, for 2009 and 2010 production programs of cars, crossovers, and minivans.

One of the contracts is a $25-million award to supply machined connecting rod assemblies to an Asian automaker.

Connecting rods link pistons to crankshafts in gas and diesel reciprocating engines. Production of the con rods will take place at Metaldyne plants in Asia, Europe, and North America. According to Metaldyne’s release, its near-net shape forging process significantly reduces raw material waste compared to other steel forging processes, and reduces the need for machining, steel scrap and overall customer costs.

"These contracts allow us to expand our global presence as a leading supplier of connecting rods and represent a growing trend by OEMs, who are designing their next-generation gasoline and diesel engines to take advantage of the inherent benefits of the technology," stated Metaldyne v.p.-sales and engineering George Lanni,

"We are pleased that our connecting rods were selected for these fuel-efficient engines," stated Metaldyne chairman and CEO Thomas A. Amato. "We have restructured Metaldyne's operations to intensify our investment focus on our core products. These awards are the result of our increased product focus."

Metaldyne is a subsidiary of Asahi Tec, a global chassis and powertrain component supplier for passenger cars, light trucks, and medium/heavy-duty trucks.