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April 26, 2022
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SMS Eumuco Supplying Radial-Axial Ring Roller to Otto Fuchs

March 9, 2006
Production startup is seen by end of 2006.

Otto Fuchs KG has placed an order with SMS Eumuco GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany, for the supply of a radial-axial ring rolling machine of type RAW for its plant in Meinerzhagen, Germany. Materials to be processed include aluminum, titanium, magnesium, and copper alloys. Production could begin as early as the end of 1006.

The RAW 400/250-2000/1000 machine will be capable of rolling rings up to a diameter of 2,000 mm and a ring height of 1,000 mm. It will be able to shape high-temperature materials used in aerospace technology.

It works with the specially developed rolling strategy CARTI which is adapted to the particular characteristics of the shaping of materials with poor thermal conductivity, such as titanium.

Otto Fuchs manufactures semi-finished products, finished products, and ready-to-install components for the automotive, building, machinery, and plant construction industries and increasingly for the aerospace industry.

SMS Eumuco GmbH is a business unit of the Tube, Long Product and Forging Technology Business Area of SMS GmbH.