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April 26, 2022
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Bohler-Uddeholm to install the world's largest screw press at Kapfenberg, Austria, plant

Jan. 25, 2005
Special Forgings Div. will operate new press beginning in 2007.

Bohler-Uddeholm Group has recently approved the investment in a second screw press for its plant in Kapfenberg, Austria. The contract for construction of the world's largest screw press was awarded to Germany’s SMS Eumuco GmbH. Capital expenditure will total roughly 27 million Euros ($35 million). The press is scheduled to begin operating during the first quarter of 2007.

The investment involves an SPKA 22.400 clutch-type screw press, which has an impact force of 35,500 tonnes. It is 17 m high and weighs 5,000 tonnes, including the base.

This second screw press (added to a press rated at 31,500 tonnes) will allow Bohler Schmiedetechnik GmbH & Co KG (Special Forgings Division) to increase the production of forged components for the aircraft industry, and also significantly expand the product range. As previously announced by the Management Board of Bohler-Uddeholm AG, this investment will accelerate growth in the Special Forgings Division and further strengthen the market position of the Bhler-Uddeholm Group in the global aircraft industry.

The division's products are sold throughout the world with Europe, North America and Asia as the key markets. In addition to the existing screw press, the division operates drop-forging hammers with 80 kJ to 350 kJ blow energy, and open die hammers. This equipment is used to produce technically demanding forged products in small batches to meet specific customer requirements.

The Special Forgings Division generates roughly 5% of total sales of the Bohler-Uddeholm Group. The most important products manufactured by this division are structural parts and forged disks made of titanium and nickel-based alloys for the aircraft industry, forged blades for gas and steam turbines and special forged components for cable railways, machine construction and shipbuilding.