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April 26, 2022
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India's Mahindra in Joint Venture with Chinese Tractor Company

Aug. 18, 2008
Market leader in India forms joint venture with Yancheng Tractor Company.
Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.'s Farm Equipment Sector, a market leader in India, has signed an agreement with Jiangsu Yueda Yancheng Tractor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Yancheng Tractor) to form a joint venture valued at $50 million with Mahindra holding 51%.

"I have always believed that India and China have unique and complementary
strengths, which, when pooled together, can take on the world. We already have a successful Joint Venture with Jiangling Tractor Co.. The joint venture between M&M and Yancheng Tractor will further combine Indian entrepreneurial and managerial skills with Chinese competitiveness and efficiency," said Anand Mahindra, Managing Director, Mahindra Group.

Tractor sales (domestic and export) in China have grown from about 56,000 tractors in 2003 to 2,200,000 tractors in 2007, according to a company statement.

Yancheng Tractor, located in Yancheng city, Jiangsu Province, is a State Owned Enterprise and sells tractors under the brand name of Huanghai Jinma which is the third largest tractor brand in China in terms of volumes sold in 2007. The company is also a leading exporter of tractors from China, with a footprint in more than 60 countries including the U.S., South America, Russia, Europe and Africa.

M&M owns Mahindra Forgings, which was established as a business unit when the parent company acquired Amforge, a forging company in Chakan, India, in 2006. The unit has eight forging press lines dedicated to production for automotive and related industries.

Mahindra (China) Tractor Co. Ltd. manufactures tractors for the Chinese market and exports tractors to the U.S. and other western nations. M&M has a 100% subsidiary, Mahindra USA, with three assembly plants catering to the American market.