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April 26, 2022
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Australian Forger/Foundry Orders Scheduling Optimization Software

March 13, 2006
SolveIT Software supplying production-line scheduling system

Intercast & Forge, an Australian forge and foundry group, has ordered a scheduling optimization system form SolveIT Software Pty. Ltd. SolveIT develops profit optimization software solutions for companies and government organizations.

Under the terms of the agreement, SolveIT will use its proprietary optimization platform to develop a production-line scheduling system for Intercast & Forge, to be delivered at the end of June, to maximize production-line utilization and throughput by optimizing the sequence of production orders.

Intercast & Forge maintains one a plant in Sydney, New South Wales and another in Adelaide, South Australia. The Sydney plant has cold-and warm-forging operations, producing 4,000 metric tons per year of forgings on presses rated up to 1,270 metric tons. It also produces iron castings, as does the plant in Adelaide.

"We are very happy to add the largest independent iron casting and forging operation in Australia as a client," stated Dr. Martin Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer of SolveIT Software. "Given our track record of developing Artificial Intelligence systems that drive efficiency and competitiveness, we look forward to providing Intercast & Forge with a state-of-the-art software system for automating and optimizing their production process."

The company was established in January 2000 following a move by Australian investors to acquire the bulk of the casting and forging assets previously owned and operated by the British based BTR Group within Australia. The major shareholder is Australian Mezzanine Investments Pty Limited, Australia's leading venture capital company. For more information, consult the company's website at .

SolveIt Software's website is at