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Metaldyne Wins Multiple Driveline Contracts

Oct. 2, 2003
Six new contracts involve supply of forged components and assemblies

Metaldyne Corp., Plymouth, MI, has announced that it has been awarded six new contracts valued at nearly $65 million annually to supply various forged components and assemblies for several customers' driveline and transmission programs.

Under the contracts, Metaldyne's Forging Operations division will supply an average of 17 million driveline and transmission components and assemblies annually for three customers.

"We are extremely pleased to be awarded these contracts," said Doug Grimm, vice president and general manager of Metaldyne's Forging Operations division. "These awards prove Metaldyne's business model by using the company's combined capabilities to produce innovative driveline solutions for our global customer base."

The products, which will be manufactured at seven different Metaldyne facilities, include cold- and warm-forged net-shape differential gears, ring gears, and stem pinions.

In addition to precision forged components, Metaldyne also has been awarded two differential carrier case assemblies that include a differential case, net-shaped side and pinion gears with net-forged teeth, a differential pinion shaft and thrust washers. Using its proprietary net side and pinion gear technology, which eliminates secondary machining, Metaldyne will deliver machined and ready-to-assemble differential carrier cases to its North American original equipment customers.

Metaldyne has annual revenues of $1.5 billion. The company employs over 7,250 employees at over 50 facilities in 11 countries. For more information, please visit .