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Scot Forge Installs Large Press of Own Design

Dec. 9, 2005
Handles pieces up to 80,000 lb

Open-die forger Scot Forge has installed and is operating what it believes is the world's largest two-column, custom-built, open-die hydraulic press at its plant in Spring Grove, IL. Rated at 5,500 tons, the press expands Scot Forge's ability to produce carbon and alloy forgings in more diverse part configurations in sizes up to 80,000 lb, including parts with hub projections, flanges, and webbing. It also can produce heavier and more intricate forgings than previously available from materials with higher deformation properties including stainless, titanium, aluminum, and nickel.

In addition, company officials state, reverse extrusion processes are now available for the production of hollow parts with thinner walls and closed-end cylinders.

Aided by new computer modeling software and the press's large "forging window," Scot Forge has also increased its ability to forge close-to-net-shape parts, saving customers material and machining costs. The new software provides accurate forging simulations resulting in optimum forge process plans and precise tool design, while the new press's large 14- x 15-ft "forging window" allows for the use of larger tooling.

The state-of-the-art press was designed and built by Scot Forge. It joins six other open-die presses, six hammers, and four ring mills, enabling Scot Forge to produce a wide range of part shapes, including bars, blanks, rings, hubs, cylinders, hollows, torch cut/contoured parts, and spindles.