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Net Forge Receives Energy Grant

July 8, 2005
Will help fund development of a new forging process

In an ongoing effort to promote energy conservation and create jobs, Indiana Lt. Governor Becky Skillman has announced that Net Forge of Columbus, IN, is one of four companies in the state to receive a total of $1 million in Advanced Energy Technologies Program (AETP) grants. The four $250,000 grants are in recognition of the companies commitments to developing state-of-the-art, energy-efficient manufacturing systems.

NET FORGE, a division of Omni Forge Inc., will implement a forging process that is expected to reduce raw material waste by 1 million pounds annually.

“It is important that we rely on our manufacturing sector to embrace technology that promotes energy efficiency,” Lt. Governor Skillman said. “This grant program strengthens the state’s investment in the advanced manufacturing industry and, by improving energy efficiency, gives Indiana businesses a competitive edge which enhances our efforts to rebuild the state’s economy.”

Lt. Governor Skillman oversees the state’s energy policy and initiatives. The AETP grants are awarded to Indiana companies that use manufacturing processes that incorporate high-tech, energy saving measures or manufacture energy-efficient products. To receive AETP grants, companies must demonstrate that, through energy saving practices, they will create new high paying technical jobs and manufacturing facilities in Indiana, improve energy efficiency while at the same time helping the environment, and help Hoosier businesses produce innovative products that will allow consumers to save energy.

Founded in 1989, Net Forge was named and designed to manufacture "net shape" and "near-net shape" forgings that require little or no machining. The company website says the company accomplishes this by using ”a combination of multi-action, split tooling in mechanical and proprietary hydraulic presses to produce precision hot, warm, and cold forgings in its 57,000 sq. ft. facility.

“NET FORGE has developed several unique products including a "net shape" cold forging produced without machining to ± 12 micron tolerance capability from 52100 bearing steel. The company is currently involved in several design development projects with customers. “

The company’s website is at