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SIFCO Buying General Aluminum Forgings

Aug. 6, 2013
Price not reported GAF will be a wholly owned subsidiary

Sifco Industries Inc. has bought MW General Inc., a Colorado Springs, CO, company that operates General Aluminum Forgings. The value of the purchase was not announced.

GAF supplies precision aluminum forgings to commercial aerospace manufacturers, and also produces components for military and medical applications.

The buyer indicated it is forming a new company, General Aluminum Forgings LLC, to operate the Colorado plant.  The new company will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Quality Aluminum Forge LLC, the two California aluminum forging plants Sifco bought late in 2011.

Sifco Industries has two operating groups, Sifco Forge Group and Sifco Turbine Group. The former designs and manufactures forgings for numerous markets, including: aircraft structures, engines, landing gears, wheels, and brakes; industrial gas turbines; nuclear operations; medical devices; marine engines; and petrochemical processing.

The current forging operations include open- and closed-die hammers, hydraulic presses and a mechanical upsetter. Materials forged include titanium, nickel alloys, stainless steels, alloy and carbon steels, cobalt alloys, copper alloys, and Monel, as well as aluminum.

In addition to forging products, Sifco’s operations perform heat treating, coating, welding, and machining.

Sifco said GAF increases its presence as a producer of aluminum forgings, with greater production capacity and a broader base of customers. The purchase also extends Sifco’s strategy to expand its presence in the commercial aerospace market.