Greenerd Offering New 10,000-Ton Press Design

May 3, 2009
Machines capable of hot or cold forging for various applications
Greenerd Press & Machine Co. Inc. is marketing a new series of hydraulic forging presses manufactured in China by Tianjin Tianduan Press Co. New Hampshire-based Greenerd designs and builds its own custom and standard hydraulic presses, including hydraulic presses and arbor presses. The new press design is applicable for hot or cold forging up to 10,000-ton capacity, for a wide range of forging requirements, including automotive and truck, aerospace, agricultural; industrial, hardware and tools; and surgical instruments. Greenerd reports the presses are designed to run at high speeds for rapid cycling of the press ram, which means they are well suited to the most demanding production schedules. They are equipped with auto load and unload mechanical arms, which reduces the need for the operator to be near the work zone and minimizes the hazards of handling heated blanks. The press is designed with a “Multi Hit Cycle” feature that allows it to achieve multiple hits of any individual blank to maximize part production. The pit-mounted press beds keep the press bolsters at a convenient height for the operators, and a touchscreen panel allows hundreds of programs to be stored so that the operator can change programs instantly with confidence that parts are produced the same way each time.